BST Photography

Always Adventuring, Near and Far

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I've called the small city, big town of Portland, Maine home for over a decade now. It's a place that affords me the lifestyle I love. I can ride my bike to work, the beach,  and the grocery store. I can see the ocean from the kitchen window, can be on the water in a matter of minutes and in the mountains in a matter of an hour or two. We're the first to see the sunrise every morning and the first to see the stars at night. As they say, it's "the way life should be."


Authentic Adventure

Over the past 20 years, I've been honing my craft through trial and error, hypothermia and lost maps, and missed flights and stolen cameras.  My goal is to produce meaningful work that lends a voice to people and places who might not otherwise be heard. Please contact me if you're looking for help on any project, big or small!


Giving back

I was 30 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Fortunately, we caught things early. A few consultations with surgeons and with a few hours under the knife, my tumor was removed. In its place, a strong desire to connect with other young adults affected by colorectal cancers grew. Since my diagnosis in 2011 I've built relationships with incredible people and organizations whose missions are to help others, raise awareness and drive research toward a cure.