Over the years, I've discovered that my enjoyment in the outdoors is often related to how well I'm prepared physically and mentally.  Aside from athleticism and mental preparedness, the gear we carry can often make or break a trip.  Below are links to companies that I support, and some who support me!  The companies listed are all my go-to's for packs, shelters, food, water treatment, stoves, power, ropes and navigation.  I'd highly recommend checking out all of these places and supporting local, U.S. businesses.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear: www.hyperlitemountaingear.com

Good-To-Go: goodto-go.com   

Grandy Oats: www.grandyoats.com

Voltaic Systems: www.voltaicsystems.com

JetBoil: www.jetboil.com

Steripen: www.steripen.com 

Sterling Rope Company: www.sterlingrope.com